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Hi, my name is Drew Hickman

As your dedicated account manager, I specialize in delivering custom control room solutions tailored to meet the precise needs of your projects. I invite you to discuss how we can partner together to ensure the success of your project, setting a new standard for excellence in your operations.

Assessment and Planning

Conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify areas that need improvement based on urgency and impact.

Engage Stakeholders

Gather feedback and insights from frontline staff to ensure that the modernization plan addresses their needs and concerns effectively.

Select Technology Solutions

Research and select modern technology solutions that align with your department's needs and budget.

Procure Modern Furniture

Work with specialized furniture companies to design and procure modern, ergonomic furniture tailored to the needs of your dispatchers.

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Book your virtual tour today to explore products & features.

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Chat with one of our account managers today.

Information Technology

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